I'm Rebecca Dittmar

Front-End Developer

My hobby turned into a career over a decade ago and I’ve seen my work save thousands of animal’s lives, help new businesses get off the ground, and propel established organizations into a more automated and future-prepared state. From the discovery of new methods and tools, to the tiny details of syntax, and the sheer creativity of developing and evolving solutions, front end development is a passion as much as a career.

What best describes my approach and practice is this list of core values that are indelible to my work.

Core Values

  • Rapid assimilation of and application of new knowledge
  • Tenacity and persistence
  • Adaptability and agility of mind/ideas/solutions/problems
  • Responsiveness, availability, and punctuality
  • Affability and a genuine interest in understanding others
  • Mentoring and teaching others - Open Source Baby!
(503) 927-9605

What I do


Foundation/Custom Responsive
jQuery & Javascript
Django Front End Development
Wordpress & Associated PHP
3rd Party CMS & CRM
VisualStudio ASP.NET Front End
Custom Email Templates
Flash & XML

Design & Structure

Illustrator & SVG
Mobile App GUI Elements
Art Illustrations
CMS Theme Design
Print &Label Design
QA Device & Browser
Content & Messaging


2016 2015 2014 2013-Earlier Design Only or Update/Maintain

Who I do it for

9spire - 2001-Now

Foundation to Support Animal Protection - 2007-2016

Rebecca has raised the bar with innovations in the functionality and user experience of our websites. Rebecca thrives on taking on challenging design and functionality requirements and does the research necessary to implement new and trending technology.

-Donna Zeiber, Directior of Interactive Media Group at FSAP

Rebecca has become an integral part of our business by enabling us to communicate our company mission and commitment to product quality to a global audience. Almost daily we receive compliments on the design depth and interactivity of our website.

-Aaron Fishman, East Bali Cashews

Rebecca and I worked together at PETA. She was always the go to for rush requests and projects because she works so quickly. Rebecca enjoys researching and experimenting with new methods on each project, which is vital in web development since best practices change daily it seems. She's always happy to share new development techniques and tricks with colleagues to save time and headaches. In addition to our PETA work, I had the opportunity to work with her on a side project where she proved to be incredibly organized and driven!

-Alicia Duffy, FSAP

Rebecca is more than just a web designer. She's an artist and a craftsman. Her keen eye for detail and her creative input brought my website to life in ways I never thought possible. Hire her now. It will be to your glory.

-Adam Cushman, Red 14 Films

I worked with Rebecca during her time as Senior Web Designer at PETA. I found her work to be exemplary, and loved the designs she produced over the years. She’s also an excellent developer who isn’t afraid of new technology, and can build a site as well as she can design one. Rarely will you find someone who’s as strong in both areas. She’s also a fantastic artist and can decorate a party like nobody’s business. Working with Rebecca inspired me to always do better, and for anyone looking to add to a winning team, look no further.

-Shawn Martin, Senior Web Designer, FSAP

I worked with Rebecca from 2008 through 2015 on a number of projects. She always goes the extra mile for the client by incorporating small design additions that take the projects to another level. Rebecca always had a positive attitude no matter if the timeline was super tight for a project or if the client decided to change design direction right before official launch. In addition to her great design skills, she is also skilled in WordPress site development.

-Frank Schippers, Project Manager, FSAP

Who I am



This site was built in three four days from concept to launch and inspired by the 9 spires of Buddha tattooed on the nape of my neck by a menthol-chain-smoking monk with a sharpened stick. That's the power of the 9 inspire.

That, and I won't open my new Mac until this portfolio is live...



Since typing code all day isn't enough, my evenings often include a quick blog article about my latest travel adventures. Ask me for access, it's pretty entertaining and more popular than I ever expected. The blog itself is the standard Wordpress Twenty Fifteen theme. Why? Too busy working, adventuring, and writing about it to make a pretty website. It's okay to judge.



Although I couldn't tell you the exact model of my camera, or adequately describe my favorite settings or lenses, I take a lot of pictures and some of them look pretty good. Friend me on Facebook and you can see them all.